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"I was looking for professional training in health & wellness coaching to broaden my skill set grounded in social work, healthcare/hospice and non-profit business management.

Spending many years focused on direct healthcare services, it became clear to me that wellness coaching was essential to employee success, patient care as well as supporting healthy business models.

Research shows that chronic pain is becoming an epidemic impacting almost everyone directly or indirectly.

I wanted to support others in meeting their wellness goals by becoming a board-certified health & wellness coach with training grounded in innovative evidence based science and motivational Interviewing. Especially, strategies that could successfully address chronic pain.

The program offered by TCCU met and exceeded all my expectations. The expertise, dedication and level of knowledge offered by staff and instructors created a cutting edge and highly engaging learning environment.

The health & wellness modules were essential and prepared me to sit for board exams and I attribute my success in passing the exam to TCCU’s comprehensive program.

My experience with TCCU was exceptional, transformative, inspiring and reinvigorated my career.”

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Karen, TCCU Health and Wellness Coach Training student

“This program has been one of the best I have seen. I worked at a social work college before TCCU and they also taught coaching and motivational interviewing.

TCCU walks you through it and then trains you to use the program better than any I have seen yet. I felt completely prepared for my NBHWC test and knew exactly what to expect.”

– Bobbie, TCCU Student

“During the Health and Wellness course I acquired skills that changed the direction of my life for the better, and it has also given me the experience, faith and direction to coach others in Chronic pain and help them navigate through their changes that they want to make in their own lives.

This course also prepared me to sit for the National Board of Health and Wellness examination in November 2018, which certifies me on the national level.”

– Brenda, TCCU Student

“Taking this course opened my eyes to a completely new way of communication with Motivational Interviewing. This in itself has significantly changed how I think about coaching. I also found the buddy coaching and recorded coaching sessions very useful for practicing the skills we learned. The instructors are very knowledgeable and embody the skills they taught us.”

– Matt, TCCU Health and Wellness Coach Training student

“TCC’s Motivational Interviewing 6-week training course has provided our field staff with the tools to connect with patients and help impart change. The interactive design of the classes allows our employees to practice what they have learned and get feedback before using the new skills in the field.

Our employees reported that the feedback and engagement from the facilitators, and ability to tailor to our specific population has allowed them to easily transfer the skills learned in the class to their day to day work.”

– Zara, Axial Healthcare

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