Advanced Pain Coach Training

The Program

Pain Coach Academy, formerly Take Courage CoachingU, has been the leader in chronic pain coaching for the past ten years. Over that time we have developed a method of reaching those that have no hope of regaining the life they once had. Every day our coaches are helping others learn the science of pain, providing tools on how to manage it and get their life back. NBHWC course #: CE-000014-1.

Upcoming Classes

Starts July 9

12-week Course

3:00-5:00 pm Pacific / Tuesday

3:00-4:00 pm Pacific / Thursday

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This program will dive deep into what it means to be a pain coach. It’s an intensive 12 week program that is a mix of education and practical application of chronic pain that meets twice a week. You will benefit by having instructors who are also coaches and work with pain clients every day.

The first class every week (2 hours long) will be a structured class that covers coaching and pain topics. The second class every week (1 hour long) will be group coaching training and will be student-led. Development of skills will include how to effectively coach one on one with a pain client and how to lead groups of pain clients with plenty of role play and mentor feedback.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which qualifies for 36 NBHWC board approved CEU’s (CE-000014-1) if you are already an NBC-HWC. You will receive your Certified Pain Management Coach (CPMC) certificate from PCA after graduating from this course and passing your NBHWC exam.

The Goal

The goal of this program is to provide the student with training in chronic pain coaching through education, practice, and mentoring—a process that is challenging and fun. Coursework, reading, homework, mentoring, and practice coaching people in chronic pain prepare the student to be a competent, confident pain management coach who understands chronic pain and the tools necessary to help clients get back to living life.

You will experience how to coach as well as diving into coach theory, Motivational Interviewing(MI), and neuroplasticity

The Course Content

  • Course topic examples: The Pain Client, Navigating Discord, Addictions and Chronic Pain, The Brain Pain Connection, Movement Therapy, Suicide Prevention, and Group Coaching practicum

  • Learn the science behind Mindfulness, Reducing Stress/Fear and Anger/Acceptance

  • Reading exams and a comprehensive final exam

  • Submitting three and passing at least one recorded coaching session related to chronic pain with mentoring follow up

  • Each student will receive access to PCA’s Student Center for all class materials and more


Provide a copy of your graduation certificate from any approved NBHWC training program or a copy of your NBC-HWC certification.

The Requirements

  1. A dependable phone and Internet connection, plus moderate computer skills (an email address, internet or data plan with sufficient speed to view videos, basic typing skills, access to long-distance calling).

  1. Passing score of at least 80% on the final comprehensive exam.

  1. Completion of required reading, reading exams, and homework.

  1. Attending and logging a record of all classes.

  1. Submitting three and passing one recorded practice coaching session, each a minimum of 20 minutes in duration. Following each recorded practice coaching session, the student will receive a minimum of 20 minutes of mentoring feedback to discuss what went well and where there may be room for improvement.

  1. As an adult learner, each participant is responsible for completion of requirements by the end of the course, if certification is desired.

The Certification

  1. After passing the Advanced Pain Coach Training course, you will receive a certification of completion with 36 NBHWC approved CEU’s. NBHWC CE-000014-1.

    1. When you can provide a copy of your NBHWC certification, you will then receive your Certified Pain Management Coach (CPMC) certification.

    1. Your CPMC certification will expire on the same date as your NBHWC certification.

    2. To renew your CPMC certification, you must provide the following:

  • Attestation of a minimum of 50 coaching sessions completed per year

  • A copy of your renewed NBHWC certification

  • Complete 15 hours of PCA-provided/approved pain related CEU’s every three years (these can be part of your 36 CEU’s that NBHWC requires)

  • If your CPMC renewal date is initially sooner than three years, a minimum of 5 CEU’s will be required for each year

  • Pay a $49 renewal fee

The Investment

The cost for the course is $1,690, plus textbooks. There are two payment plan options:

1. One payment of $1,690.00

2. Two payments of $875.00 (first payment due prior to the course starting)

There is a 10% discount for applicants who graduated from our Health and Wellness Coach Training course!

Occasionally, events arise that compel students to withdraw from training. After a $200 non-refundable fee, a prorated refund schedule is available.

Student Testimonials

This has been the deepest learning experience I’ve engaged in since my initial coach training in 2007. This course thoroughly covers the bio-psycho-social model of pain management and the coaching strategies to facilitate behavior change in the pain client. The course is engaging, supports multiple learning styles and focuses on evidence-based practices that can be immediately implemented in coaching practice.~Megan

This course really helped me elevate my confidence and knowledge around PNE. I get to sit more calmly with my clients in those more challenging sessions because I have more empathy and greater understanding about how pain works. ~Cassady

The teaching staff is well equipped to teach on the subject of chronic pain. As one who works in a pain management clinical environment, the content and its presentation will be of value to anyone desiring to change lives.~David

PCA continues to set the standard in pain management coaching – evidence based methodologies + experienced pain management coaching instruction.~Lexy

Course Bundle Price

Both Health and Wellness Coach Training and Advanced Pain Coach Training courses.

Payment in full of $5,990.00

Savings of $600.00 (Regular course prices of $4,900 + $1,690 = $6,590 – $5,990)

Other details:

  • You have one year from the completion of the Health and Wellness Coach training course to begin the Advanced Pain Coach training course. After that time an additional fee of $500 will be charged.

  • If you withdraw from our program after completing the Health and Wellness training course a refund of $1,190.00 will be issued.