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Over 50 million people in the US have chronic pain, and many of them are confused, frustrated, and losing hope.

Pain Coaching offers tools and strategies to help people escape the grip of chronic pain and improve their quality of life.

At Pain Coach Academy, we train Pain Coaches.

Since 2009 we've led the way with our vision to make Pain Coaching the standard of care.

Pain Coach Academy Courses

Health And Wellness Coaching

  • Become a Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in Chronic Pain from an NBHWC-approved course in 17 weeks!

  • Learn a proven technique to motivate behavior change

  • Feel confident in your ability to coach people

  • Gain inspiration as you learn from instructors who are experts in their fields

Advanced Pain Coach Training

  • Designed for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches*

  • Become a Certified Pain Management Coach (CMPC)

  • Become equipped to coach complex pain clients

  • 12-Week Course*

  • Prerequisite must be a graduate of an NBHWC

    approved training school


Once I signed up, I realized I found a goldmine. The course is so well organized, with different teachers from different specialties, which allows you to get multiple perspectives. The material is balanced between formal learning and actively practicing skills. The small class size allowed the cohort to really get to know each other. One of the most impressive parts of the program was the in-depth Motivational Interviewing training. I feel like this will set me apart from other coaches. This was an amazing course, and I would recommend it to anyone!"

-Janell Saville

"The coaching program was definitely worth the investment. The teachers are all incredibly knowledgeable in the fields of Health and Wellness, Chronic Pain, and Coaching, especially MI. Not only did they deliver the material effectively and set us up for success, but they also created an engaging and safe space for students to practice their coaching skills and share their thoughts. I would highly recommend this program!"

-Luisa Hudniuk

"This has been the deepest learning experience I've engaged in since my initial coach training in 2007. This course thoroughly covers the bio-psycho-social model of pain management and the coaching strategies to facilitate behavior change in the pain client. The course is engaging, supports multiple learning styles, and focuses on evidence-based practices that can be immediately implemented in coaching practice."

Megan Proctor, MA, NBC-HWC, CPMC

Kris Sutton, Program Director

Becky Curtis, Founder

Paul Curtis, Director of Instruction

At the Pain Coach Academy, we are passionate about supporting you in achieving your dream of helping others escape the grip of pain. We understand that you are a curious learner who wants to be part of something meaningful and life-changing. That's why we've developed high-quality courses that allow you to learn the latest in Pain Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Group Coaching, and Motivational Interviewing.

Pain Coach Academy (formerly Take Courage Coaching) was started by Becky Curtis in 2011 after a catastrophic auto accident nearly took her life. As a result, she developed excruciating burning nerve pain. However, she learned tools and strategies that helped her persist against the odds.

Becky decided to share this knowledge with others with chronic pain. As the demand grew, she trained other coaches, and a school was born. The Take Courage Coaching (now Pain Coach Academy) methodology has been so successful in helping people with chronic pain that it's been validated in a PLOS One research study.*

Through our courses, you can access the tools you need to help make positive changes in the lives of others. As the Leader in Pain Coaching Education, we offer:

  • Individual attention

  • Convenient virtual classes

  • Interactive classes to practice your skills

  • Comprehensive coach training

  • These will allow you to have the skills you need for a fulfilling career as a Pain Coach!


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Be confident in your skills as you are part of something meaningful and life-changing.

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